2020 June 20th
It has made sense to me offer my Mistress Workshop every day. Now, we just find a date and times that suits both of us, so I can deliver the workshop that best suits you and your requirements. If you are only playing with a husband, boyfriend, partner or a select few, then the workshop will be around four hours and cost £150. If you are thinking of becoming a pro dommes and want to know how to set yourself up, then I suggest taking the five hour professional dominatrix class. Of course, you may not be ready to set up at the moment, as you may be a complete beginner. Therefore, I would start with the four hour and come back to me when the time is right to move to the next stage. Any questions, just ask.
2020 April 27th
The tremendous response had made me come to the decision to conduct the group workshops every Saturday until lockdown is over. The group class is for home-user and beginners who do not intend coming a professional dominatrix. I would like to encourage those who are going into the profession to book a 1-2-1, as this is more tailored to your needs. If you have any questions please just email or call me ANYTIME. Pick up the phone and dial. I’m not busy ATM.
2020 April 12th
Just got my first couple of testimonials for my ONLINE!
Workshop Testimonial: I had the pleasure of meeting and spending the morning with Miss Kim learning domination, discipline and desire in her Mistress Workshop. Definitely, a must for those interested or just curious about the world of BDSM. I certainly was and by taking her workshop, it gave me inspiration to want to explore it even more. Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge! Mistress Desi
Testimonial: I took a 4-hour online Mistress Workshop with Kim and I really didn’t know what to expect, but the time flew! Kim is so fun, friendly and informative – her creative and playful personality shine through, even online, and the support, tips and tricks she offers are very inspiring. I’d recommend anyone wanting to further their knowledge in BDSM topics to give her a call. Mistress Tess in Spain
2020 March 21st
Due to the recent worldwide Corona virus, I will now be offering and conducting my Mistress Workshop via Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook or FaceTime. Whichever option works best over a 3/4 hour period.
The workshop will consist of the same content. Nothing will be removed to accommodate for the online status.
Email to arrange time and payment. My 1-2-1 Mistress Workshop is £180 in advance.
Miss Kim x