2021 March
Mistress Workshop Summer Special for beginners, will take place at the beginning of  July, August and September. Limited numbers £160. Maid Service High Tea. Scone, jam, cream and strawberries with tea upon arrival. CP demonstration by Miss Kim. ‘Maid’ for Purpose – group participation task. Half time bubbly break. Part two starts with a short quiz and a prize for the winner. At the end you go home with a ‘goody bag’ – crop, index book, cuffs etc. Filled with items donated by myself and from industry leaders. Dates TBA. Email if you would like to know first.
2020 August
I, Miss Kim Rub, am the ultimate Mistress Mentor. I will always be there for my ladies, as I care. I’m just a text, email, PM or call away. What I teach is universal, so my workshop will be just as relevant to the woman in Morocco, as it will to the female in Norway.
This is especially relevant as my workshop has gone online. The group workshop at my E2 studio will commence again some time in the not-to-distant-future. However, I can teach you now at any time, on any day via the internet.
My workshop is designed to help you find your place in your local scene, dominate the household, have fun times with friends, share passions with lovers, boyfriend, play partner, fiancé or husband. If you want to turn this into a profession then I can help you do that too.
Equally, helping you if you’re building an online career in this area, whether it’s to supplement your income, change careers, have a standby ‘just in case’, or just doing it, for the fun of it.
My story started a very long time ago. Over the years I have gained a wealth of knowledge and understanding of BDSM and fetish. This is built on 32 years a constant involvement with the scene.
My unique approach will show you all the possible ways to be, look, specialise, act, dress and perform. Because I dont believe there is only one way to dominate and we must all be the same.
Some would have you think that it was a formula that you learnt verbatim. Not so. Every woman, mistress, domme, dominatrix is different. Thank goodness! We have to be different because the men we play with are! I help you tap into the type of dominant you want to be. My teaching style is methodical, organised, inclusive and exhaustive. I’m full of passion for a subject that has fascinated me for 30+ years.
Teaching is my favourite things to do, out of all the things that I do. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than to pass on my knowledge, enthusiasm, creativity, humour and love of this subject, on to my fellow sisters.
Empowerment, I’m a great believer that every woman should tell her own story, so I don’t reveal who I have taught. Once the workshop is finished, each woman gets sent on her own personal voyage of discovery. However, I am always here for them. Just to say, many of these ladies I see every day on Twitter and other social media. We are in contact and sometimes not directly.
A little about my story; when I first started on the scene it was very much about the clothes; leather, rubber, thigh high bats, stilettos, chains and studs that interested me. I’m a fetishist. However, as I began to learn more about the scene and it’s history, I found BDSM fascinating and became heavily involved in that too.
I’m interviewed for magazines and podcasts often. I give talks too, recently giving one at the Bishopsgate Institute. They have a library and archive there, and I’ve proud to be one of the collections recorded for posterity.
I have a history unlike any other. I was Fetish Technical Advisor on the Preaching To The Perverted film. Where I’m listed in the film credits. I produced a fetish-inspired Christmas party for a huge advertising agency called WCRS. The spend was 200k and I was spectacular night. I’ve been invited to many private events held by the fetish scene Who’s Who!
I used to throw an annual free fetish party for the scene, as a payback for all the wonderful support I’ve had over the years. I ran the Fetish Speed Dating, as a free event for years. Now I run the Queen Bee Society drinks for dominant ladies to get together over a cocktail. “To give, thy shall receive”!
Teaching isn’t just about having a few ideas about BDSM, it’s having knowledge, structured approach and clear presentation to name but a few things. Check out someone credentials before to take advise from them.
Phase three on my Mistress Workshops will soon be a reality, as my techniques for each BDSM subject will soon be available as a pay-to-view on Patreon. New mini workshops will be Anal Play & Pegging, Wax Play, Social Media Marketing, Glove Drama and Impact Play. These will suit those ladies that already have a background in BDSM, whether it’s private or professional. It will also soon be available, at a discount, to those ladies that have done my beginners Mistress Workshop. This will roll out during September 2020.
2020 June 20th
It has made sense to me offer my Mistress Workshop every day. Now, we just find a date and times that suits both of us, so I can deliver the workshop that best suits you and your requirements. If you are only playing with a husband, boyfriend, partner or a select few, then the workshop will be around four hours and cost £150. If you are thinking of becoming a pro dommes and want to know how to set yourself up, then I suggest taking the five hour professional dominatrix class. Of course, you may not be ready to set up at the moment, as you may be a complete beginner. Therefore, I would start with the four hour and come back to me when the time is right to move to the next stage. Any questions, just ask.
2020 April 27th
The tremendous response had made me come to the decision to conduct the group workshops every Saturday until lockdown is over. The group class is for home-user and beginners who do not intend coming a professional dominatrix. I would like to encourage those who are going into the profession to book a 1-2-1, as this is more tailored to your needs. If you have any questions please just email or call me ANYTIME. Pick up the phone and dial. I’m not busy ATM.
2020 April 12th
Just got my first couple of testimonials for my ONLINE!
Workshop Testimonial: I had the pleasure of meeting and spending the morning with Miss Kim learning domination, discipline and desire in her Mistress Workshop. Definitely, a must for those interested or just curious about the world of BDSM. I certainly was and by taking her workshop, it gave me inspiration to want to explore it even more. Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge! Mistress Desi
Testimonial: I took a 4-hour online Mistress Workshop with Kim and I really didn’t know what to expect, but the time flew! Kim is so fun, friendly and informative – her creative and playful personality shine through, even online, and the support, tips and tricks she offers are very inspiring. I’d recommend anyone wanting to further their knowledge in BDSM topics to give her a call. Mistress Tess in Spain
2020 March 21st
Due to the recent worldwide Corona virus, I will now be offering and conducting my Mistress Workshop via Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook or FaceTime. Whichever option works best over a 3/4 hour period.
The workshop will consist of the same content. Nothing will be removed to accommodate for the online status.
Email to arrange time and payment. My 1-2-1 Mistress Workshop is £180 in advance.
Miss Kim x